About Manzanita
Essential MPEG Solutions

Manzanita Systems was established in 1996 by principal developers of digital video systems for the satellite and cable industries. Its founders are acknowledged experts in MPEG-2 system coding, transport stream multiplexing, T-STD model and VBV specifications, PCR and timestamp requirements, digital splicing, video rate control design, and statistical multiplexing.

Manzanita's solutions include essential MPEG software for digital television, Video on Demand, and digital ad insertion. Renowned for adherence to standards, Manzanita's transport stream analyzers and multiplexers are indispensable tools that are used worldwide by service providers, broadcasters, post-production houses, and manufacturers of digital video technologies to produce better MPEG content, workflows, and solutions.

Why "Manzanita"?

Manzanita Systems takes its name from an evergreen plant that is found throughout southwestern North America. Manzanita, the common name for the many species in the genus Arctostaphylos, means little apple in Spanish. Avid hikers, the founders of Manzanita were inspired by the beauty of its namesake, and its ability to survive through drought and wildfires.