Manzanita Systems is a leading provider of essential MPEG software solutions for digital television, VOD, and digital ad insertion. Renowned for adherence to standards, Manzanita's transport stream analyzers and multiplexers are indispensable tools that produce better MPEG content, workflows, and solutions.
TS Multiplexers Renowned for its fast performance and strict adherence to compliance standards, the Manzanita transport stream multiplexer is the defacto software for creating transport streams for a variety of MPEG and Video On Demand applications. More
TS Editor Now shipping - Manzanita's Transport Stream Editor! TSE performs frame accurate edits without re-encoding for ad insertion and replacement with full SCTE-35 support. TSE's powerful suite of editing tools include the Clip Editor, the Stream Editor, and the Packet Editor. More
MP4Mux 2.0
Now Available
MP4Mux multiplexes elementary streams into MPEG-4 Part 14 ISO Base Media File Format, now with support for DTS-HS® Layered Audio and WAV format for even greater accessibility to the range of connected devices. More