MPEG-2 Transport Stream Analyzer
Transport Stream Analyzer Software Solution

Manzanita's transport stream analyzer is indispensable in the development, integration and testing of MPEG-2 based systems and workflows. TSA offers in-depth insight into the transport stream layer to enable engineers, designers, testers, and technical staff to identify media interoperability problems, shorten troubleshooting cycles and speed the development of MPEG solutions.

Renowned for its fast performance and strict adherence to compliance standards, the Manzanita transport stream analyzer is used worldwide by technology manufacturers, service providers, content creators, and services facilities. The transport stream analyzer software can be pre-configured to verify compliance with MPEG, ATSC, or DVB specifications. Additionally, users can easily define, customize and manage their own configurations by turning checks on/off and setting the level of severity to errors or warnings.

  • Verifies compliance with MPEG, ATSC, & DVB specs, including support for HEVC
  • Analyzes over 800 parameters
  • NEW! Program Viewer for frame-by-frame video verification with closed captions and subtitles
  • NEW! Caption Viewer shows closed captions in presentation order with related timecodes
  • NEW! Elementary Stream Data Viewer displays parsed information from various types of elementary streams
  • Plots buffer levels, timing, jitter, and bandwidth consumption
  • Supports DVB subtitling, 608 & 708 closed captioning & KLV metadata
  • Customizes analysis & error reports with user-defined profiles
  • IP data capture for offline analysis